Who am I?

I am a Software Engineer - it is my hobby and also my work

Software development

I have learned programming by myself. I probably started learning or at least having an interest in it from elementary school.

Game development

Game development has always been my main programming-related activity because of it's complexity and infinite possibilities to connect art and coding skills.

My first game was a roleplay game playable in a web browser. It was not something fancy but there was a lot of players back then when the game was available to play. It was mostly text-based.

Years later I decided to move on 2D graphics. Also made some 2D games but they never got published.

Past years I have been programming 3D graphics engines. First of them have been made just for learning the 3D anatomy. Currently I am developing my (I think my third) 3D graphics engine. Parallely developing a game on it. The future plan is to have an engine that may not be fully featured with all possibilities but can do the majority of useful stuff.